Our Story

We have always been passionate in our belief that technology and social media should serve to enhance your life offline, not draw you away from it. Grubwithus was founded with this intention, but due to certain limitations, we never felt like we were fully accomplishing this goal on a broad scale.

So we studied what was working and what was holding us back and we quickly noticed that while specific meals have their limitations (date, time, place, cuisine, theme, etc.), the aspirational aspect of trying a new restaurant does not. Users were compiling restaurant wishlists on their profile pages, and others were chiming in saying they’ve been and what they thought. Suddenly these “wishlists” were to-do lists that people were checking off place by place.

We surveyed the tech landscape and realized that no one was tapping into the concept of intent graphs, and we had our “aha!” moment and got right to work.

The result is Superb: a mobile app that allows you to collect the places you want to go, catalogue the best places you’ve been, and shows you places you have in common with friends. The app is location-based, and it goes way beyond food. From restaurants to street art, live music venues to hiking trails, Superb elevates the best spots around you based on overall community popularity.

Superb’s simplicity is what makes it addicting. Users swipe right to mark places to do, swipe left to mark places they are not interested in and tap the center button to mark that they have already been to a place. If a user is interested in a place, Superb unveils others who are also interested, highlighting friends at the top for quick access to message them through the Superb Conversation feature.

The world is Superb when you get out there and experience it! Download the app today: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/superb/id747302884?mt=8